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ʔux̌uˑʔaƛaˑk • ʔux̣ʷaʔƛak • ʔuḥʔaƛḥak • wiikšḥink • Yo • Yau • Yawc̓

Welcome to the Wakashan Wiki, a website dedicated to connecting members of native communities, researchers, and the public to information having to do with the Wakashan ("wuh KAH shun" or "wuh KASH un") languages:

North Wakashan Languages

South Wakashan Languages

The Wakashan family of languages is spoken in western British Columbia, Canada (including Vancouver Island), and Neah Bay, Washington in the United States. Because of similarities of these languages, it is believed that all Wakashan languages are descended from a common ancestor, proto-Wakashan, and so they are referred to as a language family.

All Wakashan languages are endangered and efforts are being made to revitalize them.

Although assistance in editing these pages is greatly appreciated, due to vandalism, automated registration has been deactivated. the Wakashan Wiki can no longer be edited by the general public. We are currently working on a contact method.

This wiki was created based on the Wakashan Linguistics Page.

The Wakashan Wiki provides information in the following areas:

Other topics of interest:

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